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Gift Card Expiry Dates: Draft Legislation

Competition and Consumer Amendment (Gift Cards) Bill 2018

The Government recently conducted public consultation on an exposure draft of the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Gift Cards) Bill 2018 and explanatory materials.

The Bill would:

  • mandate minimum three year expiry dates for gift cards;
  • require gift cards to display expiry dates; and
  • ban post-purchase fees on gift cards.

It would also specify penalties for non‑compliance and create a regulation-making power.

For more information and to view the materials, please visit the consultation page.

Avoid Paying Extra Fees for Bills Received in the Mail

Some companies charge customers a fee each time they send out a paper bill. The fee goes toward the cost of printing and posting the bill.

 If you don’t want to be charged this fee, check out our advice for consumers.

Ticket Buying Advice For Consumers

In Australia we love our thriving live entertainment industry – whether it be attending sport to cheer on our favourite teams, going to see our favourite bands and artists perform, or a night out at the theatre – we love supporting our vibrant entertainment culture.

The popularity of these events and the strong demand for tickets has led to concern among fans about the growing practice of ticket reselling and ticket scalping.

Before you purchase your tickets, check out our advice for consumers who are considering purchasing on resale!

Australian Consumer Law Review: Clarification, Simplification and Modernisation of the Consumer Guarantees Framework

The Government is considering options to improve the Australian Consumer Law’s consumer guarantees framework. Submissions on the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement closed on Monday 23 April 2018.

If you would like to view the published submissions, please visit the consultation page.