New Gift Card Laws

Gift cards

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) has been amended to provide protections for gift card consumers across Australia.

Read about the changes here.

Year in Review

Steering wheel

The 'ACL Year in Review 2017-18' report is now available. This report, produced each year, describes the key policy, education, compliance and enforcement activities undertaken by Commonwealth and State and Territory consumer agencies, who work co-operatively to help improve outcomes for consumers across Australia.

Well winter safety tips

As the temperature drops, products designed to keep you warm like heaters, electric blankets, hot water bottles and heat packs are coming out of storage or being purchased. Follow our safety tips to keep you well this winter.

Grocery Unit Pricing Review

The Government is reviewing the Retail Grocery Industry (Unit Pricing) Code of Conduct (the Code). The Code requires certain grocery retailers to use unit pricing when selling particular grocery items to consumers in addition to the selling price.

Unit pricing allows consumers to compare between different brands and sizes of grocery items using common units of measure.

Make Sharing Fair

Sharing economy checklist

The national project 'Make Sharing Fair', implemented across Australian jurisdictions between 13 November and 24 December 2017, aimed to provide users of the sharing economy (consumers, traders and sharing economy platforms) with information about their ACL rights and responsibilities when engaging in trade and commerce using a sharing economy

Review of Unfair Contract Term Protections for Small Business

In November 2016, the unfair contract term (UCT) protections in the Australian Consumer Law and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 were extended to small business contracts.

The Government is reviewing the extension to small business contracts, looking at the impact of the change, whether the objective set for the original reform has been met and whether any changes are required to improve the current framework.

Don't Duck Out, Make it SAFE

The ACCC and state and territory consumer protection/product safety regulators have joined forces this summer with Royal Life Saving Society - Australia to educate parents and carers about the drowning dangers associated with portable pools, and provide tips to keep kids safe.

On Thursday 15 November the Don’t Duck Out, Make it SAFE campaign was launched across Australia detailing the safeguards needed to prevent drowning in portable pools.

Gift Card Expiry Dates: Draft Legislation

Competition and Consumer Amendment (Gift Cards) Bill 2018

The Government recently conducted public consultation on an exposure draft of the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Gift Cards) Bill 2018 and explanatory materials.

The Bill would:

  • mandate minimum three year expiry dates for gift cards;
  • require gift cards to display expiry dates; and
  • ban post-purchase fees on gift cards.

It would also specify penalties for non‑compliance and create a regulation-making power.

Ticket Buying Advice For Consumers

In Australia we love our thriving live entertainment industry – whether it be attending sport to cheer on our favourite teams, going to see our favourite bands and artists perform, or a night out at the theatre - we love supporting our vibrant entertainment culture.

The popularity of these events and the strong demand for tickets has led to concern among fans about the growing practice of ticket reselling and ticket scalping.