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Australian Consumer Survey 2011

The first Australian Consumers Survey Report was released on 8 June 2011.

The Australian Consumer Survey was the first national survey of consumer and business awareness and understanding of rights and obligations under consumer laws. It also covered the experiences of consumers and businesses in dealing with consumer issues.

The Survey was commissioned jointly by the Australian, State and Territory governments.

It showed that Australian consumers and businesses have a high level of awareness of the existence of consumer laws, but that there are opportunities to increase their knowledge of their rights and obligations.

Most consumers are confident that businesses do the right thing, but there are some vulnerable consumers in our society who are less confident and who encounter more difficulty in dealing with consumer issues.

Consumers are also generally aware that there are ways in which to resolve disputes if needed and that there are consumer agencies that can assist them. However, some people are concerned about the effectiveness of these avenues for seeking redress.